Live slow to live better. Forget the rush, learn to slow down and finally enjoy the journey... to regain harmony with our sensations and once again experience unforgettable emotions.


There are 53 UNESCO World Heritage sites in Italy. This is an absolute record for a single country rich in history, art and natural wonders. A precious and surprising gem waiting to be discovered.

Pedalling to

Pedal. Slow down. Look around. Breathe.
Riding a bicycle means reaching faraway destinations while also being able to stop, wander and explore. Riding a bicycle means taking time and space back to a human scale, transforming it into freedom.


With pedal assist bikes, worries about difficulty are forgotten. Every destination becomes reachable, the mind relaxes and the spirit embraces all the beauty that surrounds it.

Take a BIKE and... GO!

Beauty is to be lived, not just seen.
This knowledge and passion for travel is the principle behind BIKEandGO, a rental service for pedal assist bicycles.

We have made the "slow" philosophy our own, because we believe that life should be savoured without hurrying, taking the time to experience the beauty that surrounds us and making it part of ourselves.

Our E-Bikes encourage an outdoor lifestyle and the discovery of enchanting places, with the comfort and ease of cycling-for-all.
State of the art silent technology guarantees total immersion in nature, leaving room for the purity of uncontaminated sound.
We offer well-tested itineraries and themed tours, including professional specialised guides, guaranteeing organisation and support all along the way.

Bike and Go