A tour designed to fully experience nature, on bike paths immersed in greenery and boat crossings in the heart of the lagoon.


The land of prosecco: a tour of nature and bubbles

The route cross the DOCG prosecco vineyards around Treviso in a succession of beautiful, natural views alternating between hills and plains.


Cansiglio mon amour

This tour is designed to discover the wonders of the Cansiglio Mountains, through its forest and plateau and along the scenic Santa Croce Lake.


Along the Livenza River

The tour is immersed in the beauty of the Veneto countryside, where the Livenza is a fundamental resource for the locals' daily life.


Towards the Gorgazzo Springs

A tour between two regions, Veneto and Friuli, to discover cultural destinations and mysterious views.


Bibione: Relax&Nature 2 Nights

A Countryroad that goes into the wild Nature of the Venice Lagoon and allows you to explore the local fauna.


Customised tours

Thanks to pedal-assist technology, our e-bikes let you reach faraway destinations and enjoy new adventures while pedalling just like on a normal bike but expending less effort. Didn't find the right itinerary for you? Contact us, we also organise personalised tours.