Agreements and promotions

Omar e Valentina

Omar Zanini and Valentina Taiariol are two guides specialised in mountain bike touring. Thanks to their experience, nurtured through numerous trips in Italy and abroad, they guide groups of people cycling and walking to discover the area. They are native to Lower Friuli and know many natural sites where it is possible to experience total immersion in magical and unspoiled places and be one with nature, enjoying its incredible simplicity and uniqueness.

With Omar and Valentina from “Viaggio a piedi liberi” (Roaming trips), a wonderful experience discovering beautiful places of history, culture and art awaits you, while enjoying the finest foods and wines in the surrounding area.

Europa Tourist Group

The Europa Group SPA, designed with the spirit of combining the synergies of different activities and services, that were performed in each agency, and the experience gained in over 40 years of activity in tourism and real estate is a guarantee for care and services for tourists and investors.

Ai Galli

Located completely within the DOGC region of Lison-Pramaggiore, the agricultural company Ai Galli has worked with their love and passion for farming traditions since the 1970s. They offer a vast range of wines, but every bottle contains their high quality and close attention to keeping company values unchanged.

Azienda Vitivinicola Ornella Bellia

For over half a century, the Bellia family has been producing wine according to tradition in a family-run operation that brings passion and skill straight to the glass. The company is located in Pramaggiore, where the climate and terroir allow many types of grapes to express their best qualities.

Borgo Stajnbech

Borgo Stajnbech is a small, young and dynamic company in the Lison-Pramaggiore district. It is located in Belfiore, in a region historically famous for wine production. The winery is run by the Valent family with great passion and skill for producing wines closely tied to their homeland.