Keep dreaming, keep pedalling

Keep dreaming, keep pedalling

Today we live in an era where frantic speed rules our lives. We are evermore connected, but we don't understand what our real values are anymore and which ones have been imposed upon us. We are constantly overwhelmed with information, and can find the answer to any complex question simply by typing it into our smartphones. 

We prefer to show our online communities pictures of what we're doing instead of experiencing the emotions ourselves in first person, watching a sunset or standing in silence before a vast landscape. We base our satisfaction more on the number of "likes" we get from our friends than on our own feelings. 

But human beings need emotions, and that's why we're increasingly convinced by the "Slow" movement in which the human being looks for evermore-forgotten emotions in everything from food to travel. 

The bicycle fits perfectly in this context. As Sergio Zavoli says, "The bicycle is a way to align life with time and space, it means still moving and existing on a human scale".

The bicycle allows us to "have the time" to feel true, old, almost forgotten emotions, like when we ride near our homes and rediscover a place that brings us back to our childhoods.

Riding a bicycle is synonymous with Freedom 

Italy is called the "Bel Paese", the Beautiful Country, and you can find a historic monument, a great landscape or a story around every corner. The Northeast is especially overflowing with places and things to discover.

All too often we take what is around us for granted and prefer to look at (and go to) the most distant places we can find. But do we really know our own backyard? People come from all over the world to see it!

BIKEandGO's objective is to offer a new way to discover and appreciate our region, both for Italians and foreign visitors.

For us, "discovering differently" means using these pedal assist bikes, letting anyone travel for kilometres through this fantastic region so rich in culture, nature, wine and cuisine. 

Electric bicycles let riders experience the landscape that surrounds them in a more relaxed way. 

The physical effort almost becomes a game, the pedals spin at a pleasant rhythm without becoming tiresome, the mind is free of stress and struggle and completely relaxes, making us feel better. An electric bicycle lets a traveller follow paths they never imagined they would be able to see. 

We organise our tours based on those principles, bringing the beauty and unique characteristics of our region together with all our bike tours have to offer. 

We collaborate with wineries, agritourisms, organic farms and restaurants, agricultural companies, cultural organisations and more. We pair our clients with trained tour guides, or leave them free to explore their own path. 

The bicycle is a way to align life with time and space, moving and existing on a still-human scale.

The bicycle is a way to align life with time and space, it means still moving and existing on a human scale.

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