Boat connection between Lignano e Bibione

Many worlds united in one, a fascinating bike route through natural diversity to experience first-hand the beauty of the pine forests, the lagoon and the alpine river. This is accomplished through the seaside resorts of Bibione and Lignano Sabbiadoro – some of the most-visited in Italy - that will soon open two new bike paths connecting the two, making the northern Adriatic coast ever-more accessible for bike-loving tourists. 

By this May, a boat route connecting Lignano Sabbiadoro with Bibione will be inaugurated, and by high season another connection will open between Bibione and Brussa, a rural beach in the municipality of Caorle (province of Venice.) The boat route will consist of a new connection by small ferry for the transportation of people and bikes from one location to the other, which will also allow for the crossing of the Tagliamento, the most unspoiled alpine river in Europe (previously possible only by car), to bring people in ever closer contact with nature. 

A 500-metre pier upstream from the distinctive lighthouse of Bibione - dating back to the early 20th century and recently renovated - where one can enjoy a breath-taking view of the sea will be the point of departure for the ferry to Lignano Sabbiadoro, which will land at the current pier at the Marina Uno harbour in Riviera, becoming an access point from which to begin exploring all of Friuli and its surroundings.