Bibione - Fireworks all summer

The sandy beach across from Zenith square will be the site of five spectacular pyrotechnic shows that will enchant the thousands of guests of the beloved resorts once a month. The final show will be particularly unique, as part of the "SeptemberFest" celebrations: a two-day fair bringing together music, entertainment and traditional food and wine. 

The first date is set for Sunday, 20th May at 10:30 PM. The moment in which the sparkling colours of the fireworks begin to dance in the skies will officially mark the start of the summer season. 

This beloved event, a mainstay of the summer in Bibione, will be repeated on the evenings of 24th June, 22nd July and 15th August, allowing all the guests of the Veneto resorts to enjoy this colourful spectacle during their holiday. 

The final evening, which will take place on 13th September during the cultural and culinary festival "SeptemberFest", will merge the pyrotechnic display with a captivating soundtrack, for a harmonious union of lights and music to say goodbye to summer. 

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