Explorers in our own home

Explorers in our own home

It's happened to all of us: you're at some happy hour or dinner party and you run into a friend or relative who's just come back from someplace in the middle of nowhere, where you've never been and probably will never go.

It gets more exciting when the place in question is very far away, in a foreign country and off the usual beaten tourist track... (no one talks about New York anymore, it's too banal and 90s.)

These modern-day Marco Polos tell us all about the unusual local traditions they discovered, the enchanting monuments they saw, the strange and wonderful food they ate... all true and absolutely understandable... because discovering new worlds can only enrich us. Our minds fill with new knowledge and images that expand our cultural and social lives..

So why aren't we like that... all the time? Why do so many of us consider it a waste of time to visit our local museum... the nature park behind our house... or the frescoes in the little 13th-century church at the end of the street???

We at BikeandGo aren't arrogant enough to think we have the answer to that question... but the very fact that we're asking ourselves the question might be worth something.

The point is not to criticise those who, with a fine glass of Prosecco in hand (DOCG if possible, ideally Brut) regale us with stories of their travels (as long as it's always the Bard who picks up the tab), but for us to try to pay closer attention to what surrounds us every day. Instead of sitting on the couch watching TV as spectators, watching other people be the protagonists, why not get on a bike (maybe an electric one... LOL) and become the protagonists of our own Journey? 

The emotions we feel when watching others live their lives disappear bit by bit... But those that we experience ourselves, in the first person, stay in our hearts for a long time.

Every journey, every discovery, every place, if seen from the seat of a bicycle, can give us infinite emotions... and we at BikeandGo don't want to just live our lives waiting for that one week a year when we can go on holiday and everything seems better, we want to experience that feeling as many times as possible... and the simplest but also most beautiful way is...


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